Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dirty Little Secret 6

Macy Gray - I Try

What the crap am I thinking?

Let's tally up the things against her (and this song):
  1. Her voice is scratchy and annoying
  2. The guy in the video is more feminine than she is
  3. All her songs seem to be about someone leaving, beating or betraying her...sucky for her
  4. the hair...I
  5. she's not Serj Tankian
  6. the video is about as exciting as watching dirt

You can see below two videos that relate to this song. The first is the actual music video from this pile of crap that I can't stop myself from listening to over and over. Why, oh why do I love crap?! I guess I can't really call it crap since I like it, but I should think its crap.

I think it's the chorus of this song that really gets to me. I like the progression during the chorus and later in the song, the raw sound that she has in her voice. It also has the infamous step up that I once heard is what makes a lot of songs popular and mainstream, people like that change in key.

Here's the video and then a parody following it by the Wayan's Brothers.

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