Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Coming of the Quantum Cats

We have a great little used book store somewhat close to us called Pass the Book. I was able to find a couple books that I have been looking for to fill in my SciFi collection a little bit which is always nice. I was there the other day while waiting for my pizza to get done when I came across this book:

Yes, indeed. "The Coming of the Quantum Cats." How could I possibly resist buying this book? It was $2.00 to start with, and they were having a 25% off sale, so I paid a remarkable $1.50 for this gem. I've decided that I will do a post for each chapter. I will try to not give anything away because I am sure everyone will want to go out and purchase this exceptional literature achievement, but if I do, I'll mark it with "SPOILER ALERT" so you have ample warning. I go into reading this book with the expectation that it will be laughably horrible, but I could be pleasantly surprised and it could be fantasic. I am not holding my breath.

Chapter 1 review to follow shortly.

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