Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Times

In the past, my wife has asked me to play my trombone again. It's a "talent" I have and really enjoyed middle school through the first year in college. I started out in college as a music major. I really wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Polychronis, my high school band teacher, and teach music to high school kids. Then, reality set in my first semester of college. I had 11 classes and 17 credit hours. I had to practice a huge amount and I realized I wasn't really that great at the trombone. I can play in groups pretty well and contribute a good sound, but I don't think I would ever be good enough to teach trombone to other people and have them turn out that great. It was a hard lesson I had to learn. So, after the first week of my second semester in college, I made the decision to switch majors. I went to the registrar and switched my schedule to be that of a computer science major. This decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I enjoyed computer science classes way more than the music classes, but I still played in a couple bands and enjoyed that. I think it was my second year in college that I stopped playing trombone at all. I didn't really have time in my schedule and I wasn't a music major, so I just quit. I've missed playing in a group. There is something about being in a group of musicians, and playing a piece of music that is really moving for me. Music speaks directly to my soul. Some pieces of music have the power to elevate my thoughts and feelings (this is mostly classical music; Dvorak's New World Symphony is an example). I haven't played my trombone regularly for about 6 years. I haven't practiced regularly and the only time I've played it is when my kids really want me to. My wife asked as a Christmas present to her that I audition for the EVMCO, an LDS music group that has children's choirs, adult choirs and an orchestra. I told her I would. I filled out the "I'm interested" form a week ago and received a response telling me about auditions and so forth. I'm nervous. I haven't played regularly in so long, I wonder if I am wasting the time of the audition people to go in there. I do love music; it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I miss it. So, Merry Christmas, My Love, I'll do my best.


Eva said...

Thanks love

Boy said...

That's awesome. If you lived here you could totally join my jazz combo. It's lot's a fun.