Friday, June 13, 2008

Dirty Little Secret 3

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

My wife recently asked me why most of my dirty little secret songs are sung by women. It made me pause and consider for a moment, until I realized it was pretty simple. Women don't generally sing the kind of music that is in my normal genre areas (rock varieties such as alternative, hard, etc). Also, much of the other music I listen to is mostly instrumental (jazz, classical, etc) so, this leaves little room for women singers to be in my main genres. They fill up my dirty little secrets rather well though.

This dirty little secret is and older song, 12 years old in fact. I was 15 years old 12 years ago. This is a song that I don't really know why I like it so much. Her voice is soft and sweet and the rhythm is nice, but that's not usually enough to get me hooked. Perhaps its the "girl next door" nature of Donna Lewis. She sounds like a nice girl that lives down the street.

Anyway, the video is below. Her hair and clothes are awesome 90's clothes. Good times.

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